Wooden Shapes Puzzle

Wooden Shapes Puzzle

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This beautifully crafted wooden shape puzzle is the perfect introduction to maths and geometry in the early years of a child’s development. Help them put the shapes in order on and off the board, go Montessori style and use with objects to help them learn their quantities too!  This toy will also help your child develop their fine motor and problem solving skills though placing the complicated and varied shapes and matching them to the correct empty space.

Natural wooden toys inspire creative and imaginative play in children, helps develop cognitive and problem solving skills while developing their senses as they touch, feel and explore the natural textures of wooden toys.

The open ended nature of wooden toys allows your child to use the same toy in multiple different ways. when children are playing with toys, they aren’t keeping busy, they are learning too. Children’s imaginations soar as they play with things that don’t have an obvious, single use.

Wooden toys are durable, biodegradable, good quality and eco-friendly.

Recommended for Children from 2 years and above.

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